Fireball CG Anime of Disney’s releases it final chapter in November

Fireball is designed by Hitoshi Fukuch. It is a series of CG anime. And produced by Walt Disney TV International Japan and Jinni Animation Studios. Made entirely in 3D.


Two fireballs have released till now. The first one in April 2008 and the second one in April 2011, titled as  Fireball Charming. Each consists of 13 episodes by Wataru Arakawa.


Fireball’s final chapter in November

Disney Japanese’s official twitter handle recently announced the final chapter of Fireball. The series finale, titled Gebaude Baude will be released in November. this will be the end of Fireball’s current season.

There is an original short gag anime over it. It is for two minutes only. And in just two minutes it shows the daily life of Drossel Von Flugel, a female robot having a mindset of 14 years old girl. The role is played by Miyuki Kawasho. And her guardian servant Gedachtnis, played by Toru Ohkawa. The daily life of Drossel and her butler and guardian Gedachtnis will be seen. Gedachtnis have sworn to her father for protection.  The anime is directed, produced, and written by Wataru Arakawa.

Fireball CG Anime
Fireball CG anime

Plot – Fireball CG anime

The plot revolves around a robotic inhabited city. Their humans have been forced and trying to intrude for years. The daily life of Drossel Von Frugel and her butler and guardian Gedachtnis will be seen. Gedachtnis have sworn to her father for protection.

Drossel is a 14-year-old manufactured robotic girl and Gedachtnis is 50 years old. Although their exact mental age was never stated, both are at least 2,800 years old.

Jinni’s Animation Studios produced the first Fireball series of 3D computer-animated shorts. The series debuted on Disney Channel Japan in 2008. Arakawa returned to write and direct the second series, a prequel titled Fireball Charming which premiered in 2011. A third season titled Fireball Humorous had three episodes from October to December 2017.


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