Food Wars Season 5 Episode 13: Release Date, Preview, and much more!

Food Wars Season 5 Episode 13: Everyone is in awe of Soma’s plate, giving Mana an even more vital boost that knocks out almost everyone in the stadium. Asahi can’t believe that Soma could have beaten her crossed knives on her own. The book master reveals that Asahi’s dish is none other than the flavors he copies from other chefs, but it is hollow below the surface.


Soma’s dish is up of everything he learns from the people he meets, but it also has his quality taste. Soma is the winner of the game. Asahi accepts defeat and return Joichiro’s knife to Soma, but Soma tells that he won it fairly. Soma asks why Asahi has wanted to marry Erina in the past.


This post will talk about the latest in Food Wars Season 5, the next episode release date, and recap.

Food Wars Season 5: Release Date

The release date of Food Wars Season 5 Episode 13 is Saturday, September 26, 2020, at 12:30 p.m. JST. Every Saturday, a new episode of Food Wars gets a release. Make sure to convert the time to local time, so you don’t miss the next episode. Check out the summary and preview below.

Food Wars Season 5 Episode 13

Preview of Food Wars Season 5 Episode 12

Asahi remembers the time Joichiro told him the secret to becoming a great cook. It makes him realize that he wants a family when he leaves the stadium. He told Sarge and his other crew that he was going the blacks, and they decided to follow him. While everyone is happy with Soma’s victory, Erina continues to turn her back on him. After the match, Azami and Mana meet face to face and recall their first meeting and life together.

Mana collapsed when she realized that Erina would suffer the same fate as her. Suddenly, Joichiro, Sezaemon, and Anne enter the room. Mana explains that her father is looking at some things and thinks that there is a relationship between Asahi and Azami. She confirmed it by tasting the first dish with her God’s tongue. As the final game begins, Erina thinks of Soma defeating Asahi. She believes that she will count on him to grant her mother’s wishes.

She had a flashback that none of the dishes she cooked were good enough for Mana’s approval when she was a child. The final starts the next day. Senzaemon recalls how he recruited the current generation of child prodigies for Tootsuki as part of his plan to save Erina. As the match continued, Erina gradually lost hope. Soma comes to taste her food and tells her that she won’t be impressed if she wins it. By the way, your food tastes the same. This makes them safer and differentiates them from the competition.


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