Four More Theatrical Hopefuls Have been unveiled for Gekidol Anime Adaptation

The mixed media series, Gekidol is preparing to launch its adaptation into an anime. The acting idols from its world were announced very recently, and you can check them out on the official site of Crunchyroll as well which is the best online platform to read manga and stream anime series.


The Gekidol project first began four years ago, that is in 2016, and it blended the concept of media mix idols along with live theatre. The settings of the characters for three of the show’s stars were released during the previous week. The next four are also about be revealed, and this includes the Doll, who is a mysterious girl.



The stars of the project play hopeful actresses in a world five years after a disaster which has not been able to identified. These are training up to appear in shows supplemented with holographic technology. Also they play their character’s characters as the project has a show within a show format.


The broadcast of Gekidol is scheduled during the beginning of the next year, that is 2021 in the month of January. The fans are very excited to watch this anime and are waiting for it eagerly.

Gekidol Anime


Kana Hanazawa who is a thirty one year old Japanese actress, singer and voice actress will voice the character of Kaworu Sakakibara. The character of Aki Asagi will be voiced by the thirty two year old Japanese voice actress Nozomi Yamamoto. Aimi Fujita will be voiced by Asami Takano who is also a voice actress mainly known for Fredrica Miyamoto.

Lastly the character revealed behind the voice of the mysterious girl Doll is M.A.O who is a Japanese actress and a voice actress, she is also available on Spotify. She is commonly known as M.A.O. but her real name is Mao Ichimichi.


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