Fruit Basket Season 2 Episode 23 Release Date And Latest Information

Fruit Basket Season 2 Episode 23: Fruit Basket is one such anime series that makes its pace well by each passing episode. Initially, this Japanese anime adaptation of a manga series started off not being very eye-catching. However, as the show proceeded forward it became a lot more interesting and intriguing. For those who don’t know about this anime, Fruit Basket or Furuba is an anime by Natsuki Takaya. The show is currently streaming online. The lovers of the Fruit Basket who are binge-watching it. Read the article below to get to know everything about the next episode coming soon.


The Release date of Fruit Basket Season 2 Episode 23:

The episode 23 of Fruit Basket is scheduled to air on September 7, 2020.


Fruit Basket Season 2 Episode 23

The Storyline of Fruit Basket Season 2:

The story revolves around the main protagonist of the show, Tohru as she begins a new academic year at school. She then becomes worried about her leaving her new home for college. The fact of both Tohru and Sohmas being dependent on each other bothers her and she believes her departure from the home would affect both of them. The Sohmas somehow figure out that she has been overthinking all this while and so they try to comfort her by telling her that it’s all going to be just fine. Following this, the summer break sets in during which Tohru seems to be overthinking and a lot worried about her not so good past. Seeing her disturbed Kyo urges her to share her pent up feelings with him. He encourages her by telling her about his own past which eventually makes Tohru break the ice and address her relationship along with her mother. Listening to the inside stories of each other, Tohru and Kyo begin to get closer. However, their life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine as  Akito enters with the intention of making Tohru’s life difficult and also creates distance between Kyo and Tohru.

Where to watch Fruit Basket:

The anime series is currently streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation with both Japanese audio and English subtitles.

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