Fujihiko Hosono’s Buddy Dog Manga Ends

The twenty first issue of Big comic magazine by Shogakukan was published this year in 2021, and it released the final chapter of Buddy Dog manga by Fujihiko Hosono on Saturday, that is on twenty four October. The eleventh and final compiled book volume of the manga will be shipped on twenty five December.

The Crusher Joe comic by the creator along with the Japanese author has a total of one hundred eighty eight pages. Do read this as well.


Fujihiko Hosono is a sixty year year old Japanese manga artist also known for the movie Bio hunter which features the story about two molecular biologists. This film for which he did the screenplay for released in 1995 in the month of December on eighth.

If you  are fond of science fiction and looking for something new to read, this manga is the right choice! It has not only received a lot of positive reviews from its fans and readers but also from the critics.

Buddy Dog Manga
Buddy Dog Manga


The manga was launched in Big Comic three years ago in 2017 by the artist, Hosono. The tenth compiled volume book was published by Shogakukuan in its magazine on thirty September. This manga is a revival of manga by the creator known as Sasuga no Sarutobi manga.

The plot of the manga revolves around Aizawa a young man and his family and their pet dog Robo Bud, who is not just any normal dog but a robotic pet pet dog.

The manga creator has also been acknowledged for a book, called Crusher Joe which has been rated four out of five stars by e-books and was witten by Fujihiko Hosono along with Haruka Takachiho who is a sixty eight year old Japanese science fiction author and also a founder of Studio Nue.


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