Funimation confirms Azur Lane anime’s Blu-Ray Disc will be having TV-14 rating

Azur Lane anime

The ANN network with Funimation officially announced on Monday that the Azur Lane anime series which has a video game of the same name will release in Blu-Ray Disc form. Firstly premiered in the last year on third October 2019, the series says that it will have a TV-14 rating.


The version which will be released will not be uncut or changed in any form. It will be same as original only.



The Blu-ray disc form will be released in this year in the month of November on the twenty fourth. The release would also be censored as it is a TV-14 rating.


The anime has a total of twelve episodes. The last two episodes aired very recently in this year in the month of March. You can watch this infamous action anime with English subtitles and English dub also.

The video game of the same name was created in China originally and then was transported to Japan. The game is featured during the time of the second world war. It is a military game with female characters who have qualities of non human things like that of an animal or an object.

Azur Lane

In 2017 the game was rated among top five games on play store in the Japan region because it gained so much popularity. The game was also adapted into a novel series and a manga and now an anime.

Another short anime series, which will be the sequel to Azur Lane is in making and will release in early next year. Most assumingly in the month of January. The announcement was made in the last year on twenty-four December 2019.

There are many features in this amazing action and military based video game. And the anime adaptation is just as entertaining. The fans are excited to see the Blu-ray version of it.


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