Gintama: The Final Anime Film Is Based on Manga’s Finale  New Visual Out Now!

Gintama The Final: It is a manga series that aired from December 2003 to September 2019. The show was serialized on Weekly shonen jump. Further, there was an anime adaptation which was aired from 2006 to 2028. The Anime was 367 episodes long. Hideaki Sorachi is the creator of the Gintama manga series.


Gintama: The final unveiled a visual

Hideaki Sorachi’s anime film revealed a new visual for the film. The visual portrayed 34 characters. Further, the tagline of the visual reads by Gin-san. The visual was unveiled on the official website for the Gintama The final.


The upcoming film will have new story elements and will be based upon the finale of the original manga.

The 34 characters portrayed in the visual are actually the characters from popular manga series.

When will the film release?

The film is scheduled to release on 8 January next year. Also, this will be the last film of the franchise. Before this film, two other movies were released in 2010 and 2013.  First was titled as Gintama: The movie and the second as Gintama: The Movie: The final chapter: Be forever Yorozuya.

Apart from the official trailer of the film, a teaser was released recently. It shows some static promo images of the movie along with narration by the film’s lead characters.

The first 49 episodes of the anime were released by Sentai Filmworks. Episodes released in 2010 and 2011 on DVD did not include English dub. Episodes 266 to 316 are the only previous episodes that received an English dub and were made available on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Also in 2018, they released a home video.

Apart from the two anime films being inspired in the past, many OVA projects and event anime were also inspired by the manga. Further manga-inspired two live-action films and two live-action net spinoffs. Moreover, the first 23 volumes of Manga were published by Viz Media in English.


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