‘Gintama The Final’ Anime Film To Open On January 8

Gintama The Final has finally got a release date for itself, and that is on January 8, 2021, in Japan. This will be the third full-length feature for the series, after 2010’s Gintama: The Movie and 2013’s Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter.

Hideaki Sorachi will be involved in the movie as the creator. A new visual by the author will be revealed on August 20. The character’s design will be totally renewed for the movie.

What does the teaser video suggest about the movie Gintama The Final?

The first teaser video of the TV anime ‘Gintama’ has been revealed. The teaser opens up with Gintoki complaining about his incapability to do his job. This was because he had to stay at home during this whole coronavirus pandemic situation. To this, Kagura is seen commenting that he never does his job properly.

Gintoki is then seen praising the whole coronavirus situation. Because according to him, having to stay at home is a good thing because having to act out the fight scenes in the manga is too much for him. Guntoki comments that they have to wear masks while doing their job.

In the teaser, one can see Gintoki and Kagura with masks on, while Shinpachi is seen without it. This is because his glasses would do the job of protection. The teaser has teased that this movie will be the final one for the franchise.


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