Godzilla Singular Point Episode 11 Release Date and More information

Godzilla Singular Point: There are mysterious monsters that keep on surfacing. The military, scientist and Goro are not able to pinpoint how this is happening. There are several higher-ups, who have reported to have heard the footsteps of Godzilla. But, the problem is that they can’t see anything due to low visibility.


The soldiers have replied to command that they are awaiting orders. The big Godzilla, as noticed by these higher-ups have told the soldiers to flee while there’s time. Now, we should come to the conclusion of this introduction. We want to remind you that Godzilla Singular Point is left with two episodes. Therefore, make sure to watch the conclusion.


Godzilla Singular Point Episode 10: What previously happened

The episode starts with Yun and Haberu realizing that Godzilla is multiplying in Tokyo due to singular point. Then, both of them decide to head towards this catastrophe because Longhorn Beetle envisages that the world is coming to an end. Yun also ends up wondering whether this could mean the end of mankind.

They both arrive at the series of incidents. Both of them start to investigate these incidents which revolve around the Godzilla. Haberu is also seen telling Yun that they have find the truth behind these incidents to save the humankind from certain disaster.

Both of them are seen to be losing contact with Longhorn Beetle. Then it comes to their mind that all of this was predicted by a man named Ashihara. Yun decides to go into the Michiyuki Ashihara’s mansion. It is done in order to figure out what is lying behind these incidents.

Godzilla Singular Point Episode 11: Release Date

As we can see the show is heading towards an epic conclusion. Therefore, we want to ensure that you do not miss the latest episode. So, mark your calendars for June 3rd, 2021. The show can be streamed on Netflix.

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