Granblue Fantasy Anime Shorts’ Main Promo Video has been streamed

Granblue Fantasy, the famous manga series which had been adapted to an anime series, has launched its main promotional video on Monday, fetch more details below.


Granblue Fantasy Anime Shorts: Release Details

The anime shorts of this 4 panel manga Granblue will be released on October 8 around  9:54 p.m. at Tokyo MX as well as BS11


Granblue Fantasy Anime Shorts: Staff Details.

Kenshirō Morii is the director for the anime series, he is directing the anime series at DMM.futureworks. Kikuhitomoji will be the script writer for the series, he was the main creator for the series, not only this he has also been credited for the story alone with so-shi and Morii, so-shi is also handling the character design for the anime series, with the character designs and story he is also contributing his part in the anime production by being the chief animation director. Masanori Yamaguchi will be the art director for the series

Tasuku Ozu will be the photography director for the series, Takatoshi Hamano is handling the sound production as being the sound producer

Gran  Blues Fantasy Anime Shorts: Promotional Video Details

The promotional video showed a returning cast from the other anime series and games of the franchise. Some characters will be reprising their roles again like the Katalina, Eugen and Rackam.

Granblue Fantasy Anime

Granblue Fantasy The Animation

The coming anime series is not the first one of the video game franchise, The first anime series is Granblue Fantasy The Animation which was produced by Kenta Suzuki, Tatsushi Moriya

The season 1 had been animated by A-1 Pictures, and was started from April 2, 2017 till  25th June . A second season which was animated via MAPPA, aired from 4th October and ended on 27th December 2019.

About Granblue Fantasy:

It is a Japanese media franchise nd a role playing game which is created by by Cygames, The game was set up for the android, iOS platform and was produced by Yuito Kimura. The Game was released on 10th of March 2014.


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