Great Pretender Episode 15: Release Date, Preview, and much more

Great Pretender Episode 15

Great Pretender Episode 15: It is an Japanese original crime and comedy based anime TV series which is produced by Wit Studio among with Hiro Kaburagi is the director of this series along Ryōta Kosawa who is the writer for the series.


Till now, The series had total 14 episode and is now coming with another episode 15. Read below the article to know more about its episode 15.


Great Pretender Episode 15: When It Will Be Released?

Great Pretender Episode 15 got the released date of 21st September 2020, On Monday at 12:00 PM. This series had shifted its schedule to released every episode on Monday.

Episode 15 Plot

The plot for episode 15 which is its final episode has still kept under wraps. But we hope that it will follow from the previous episode 14.


Great Pretender: What Happened In Its Previous Episode?

On the other day, Edamame shows the Snow of London To Thomas so that he could create a duplicate material of it. The replica for the Snow of London is now created, and with this, Thomas is debt is cleared. Later the gang of Laurent learns the fact that Farrah is selling the real estate for £50 million which is the target price of the Snow of London’s. The auction for it started privately on the very next day in which except James and Farrah all the other bidders are the associates of Laurent.

James and Farrah enter the venue, within which Abby and Tim together tries to save the life of Farrah. The auction begins along with the bidders who started bidding higher paintings that will beat the bid by James.

Farrah listens the Kudo and Si-Won who were conferring about the bid of the Snow of London which is £70 million, Within this she left the place.

Tim collects £20 million. Meanwhile, Abby along with Tim discloses to her about true nature of James.


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