Great Pretender Episode 9 Release Date And Much More !

Great Pretender Episode 9: It is a Japanese anime full of comedy. The show has an amazing storyline that is loved by the viewers.
Anime fans should definitely watch this one because you are gonna love it just like us.


Great Pretender episode 9 Release date

If you are an anime lover then you must be waiting for the 9th episode of Great Pretender. Don’t worry because you won’t have to wait any longer as it’s releasing in a few days. Yes, you heard it right the show is all set to release its 9th episode on 2nd September 2020.
It’ll premiere on +Ultra and other anime broadcast channels. You can also watch the show on Netflix.


The plot of Great Pretender episode 9

Abby is preparing for her upcoming race but all the nervousness takes her to the past she’s moved on from. The way Abby performed earlier impressed Sam. In fact, Sam even placed a bet on her and in return Abby fully lives up to that.
Laurent wants to know if Sam is willing to lose everything if Abby ends up as a disappointment. He also ensures that putting his faith in Abby might not be an option as he’s not in the situation to leave everything right now.
While Abby lays on her bed she starts researching about him. She starts imagining stuff related to her life that has happened in her past. She gets glimpses of losing her parents forever in the Baghdad bombing. She also remembers herself as a child soldier who injured herself in combat.

Great Pretender Episode 9

Abby gives all of it to the race and wins, Sam who bets almost million dollars has a breath of relief. Laurent cleverly tries to ruin Sam’s life. He first banned Sam from the Casino in the name of gambling while using a fake identity.
Edamame to steps forward and ensures to place a bet for sam.
Sam agrees to Edamame and asks him to place a bet of S$2.5 million Caio Bisconti.
Cynthia who’s in the opposition of Caio goes to meet him and ends up putting and explosive into his plane.

Due to the explosives planted by Cynthia, Caio loses and has to make an emergency landing which also means that Sam loses the bet.
Edamame searches for Abby after the race and learns that she’s out for a walk with Lewis.
Abby puts Lewis on knifepoint in a totally vacant garden to have him tell her everything about the 2003 Baghdad bombing.


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