Hajime No Ippo Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything you need to know

Hajime No Ippo Season 4: Hajime no Ippo is a Japanese boxing manga series written and illustrated by George Morikawa. It has been serialized by Kodansha in Weekly Shonen Magazine since October 1989 and collected into 128 volumes as of June 2020. It follows the story of high school student Makunouchi Ippo, as he begins his career in boxing and over time obtains many titles and defeats various opponents.


Only a few anime series are able to make a hit, especially if it is about sports. This amazing Manga series revolves around Makunouchi and has innumerable fans. The success rate of this series is unbelievable. The series has been into play for 30 years. With knowing this, read below everything you need to know about this most loved masterpiece.


Hajime no Ippo: Release Date

There has been no announcement for the renewal of Hajime No Ippo Season 4 yet. But we strongly expect the season to be out. Owing to the unrhythmic release pattern of the series, it is a little difficult to guess the release date. But don’t dishearten yourself we can still hope it to the air by 2021 or 2022. We assure you to keep you updated through our articles.

Hajime No Ippo Season 4

Hajime no Ippo: Storyline

The entire series revolves around a schoolboy who has been bullied all his life but he strives hard to fulfill his dreams. Once when he was bullied by his seniors, a boxer Takamura Mamoru comes to his rescue. With those thrashings, he gets fainted and founds him in a boxing gym when he wakes up. Ippo was amazed to see his surroundings but he didn’t try anything himself due to the lack of confidence. Soon Takamura comes to him and asks him to punch a sandbag imagining it as the face of the bullies, which to everyone’s surprise turns to be a very strong punch. And that was the moment when he made up his mind to learn boxing. But to acquire his desire he had to convince Takamura, who in turn gives him an impossible task which Ippo completes after a week’s training. And Then he began training at Kamogawa boxing gym. Now after being trained by the best coach, Ippo has to prove himself and face his opponents with the undying spirit of sportsmanship. Binge-watch the first season if you haven’t yet. Don’t forget to check on Season 4 updates.

Expected Plot: Season 4:

Hajime no Ippo is said to have 120 volumes published as of February 2020. These volumes have over 1200 chapters and only 560 chapters have been adapted in three seasons. So this clearly states that there is enough source of material for the next season. In addition to this, the scriptwriter already has his hand in the script. So we can expect a green light for the upcoming season.

Lets us hope for the best and cross our fingers for the next season.

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