Happinet launches its new virtual YouTuber project ‘Onegai, Patron-sama!’ which will include a web anime series

Dear My Patron

Happinet Corporation, a Japan-based entertainment company had launched a web anime project for its YouTube channel named Onegai, Patron-sama! / Dear My Patron on Friday 4th September 2020


The anime lovers are very curious to know more about the series after its project launch news and are hoping to get more information about it, let’s find out below what we have in store to curb your curiosity about this web anime series.


Onegai, Patron-sama! / Dear My Patron: Release Date

The anime will be released officially this year in the month of October.

Onegai, Patron-sama! / Dear My Patron: Plot Details

The story will revolve around two Patraiser protagonists pair Asahi Yuga and Ryoya Nekoyashikli and it will be seen in two parts one will be the “main story” anime and the other will be a side story section which will portray the everyday life story of the character

The story will focus on the team adventure hero pair team named Patraisers which had its supporters Patrons and Sugars and they will resuscitate the people’s stopped heart once again. The first details of the series also tell us about the significance of the patronage relationship which had existed from past history and also termed it as a beautiful form of love.

Onegai Patron sama

Onegai, Patron-sama! / Dear My Patron: More Details

The work of character design will be handled by popular Japanese illustrator Natsuko and the character song featuring in the story will be produced by Arte Refact who is better known for the work of  Love Live! franchise.

Onegai, Patron-sama! / Dear My Patron: Character Details

  • Masaya Imamura in the voice of Asahi Yuga
  • Masato Toyoshima in the voice of Ryoya Nekoyashikli
  • Keigo Hoshino in the voice of Touto Higuma
  • Takafumi Maeuchi  in the voice of Mine Kurumi
  • Yūhi Asagiri in the voice of Yo Tsugiki
  • Shō Sakagami in the voice of Inari Tsugiki
  • Kazuma Yamada in the voice of DC

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