Happinet’s new virtual YouTuber project Onegai, Patron-sama! Starts Streaming Its Web Anime on October 11

Onegai Patron-sama Streaming

Onegai, Patron-sama! ( Dear My Patron) is Happinet’s new virtual Youtube project. Last month it was reported that the project will include a web anime series. And here is another announcement about the upcoming project.


The Web Anime to start streaming on 11 October:

The zero episodes of the web anime series are set to be posted on the official youtube channel of the project on 11 October 2020. The timings are 10:00 a.m. JST( On 10 October 6:00 p.m. PT). The episode will portray its two protagonists namely Asahi and Ryoya in an encounter.


Synopsis of the web anime by Happinet’s new Virtual YouTuber project Onegai, Patron-sama!

Here is the synopsis of the web anime:

Those who support (Patron). It’s the one who connects the talent.

Those who are supported (Sugar). It’s the one who has the talent.

This is the story of Patron and Sugar, who become one hero “Patracer.”

In order to shake people’s stopped hearts again, the adventures of the Patracer begins!

The patronage relationships, which is a beautiful form of love that has certainly existed throughout history.

This is your love story with the Patracer!

Onegai Patron-sama
Onegai Patron-sama

Narrator and Voice of the transformation item:

The role of the narrator will be played bg Takuya Eguchi. Also, Takuya Eguchi will be the voice of the transformation item. 

Takuya Eguchi is a popular voice actor and has worked in Hachiman Hikigaya in My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong as well as As I Expected.

So it will be projected in two parts. On one hand, the main story will be about the protagonists Ashai Yuga and Ryoya Nekoyashikli. And on the other hand, the side story will introduce the everyday life of each character. Arte Refact is a sound creator team known for their work in Love Live! franchise. The character songs in the story will be featured by the same.


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