High school DxD season 5; latest updates

High school DxD season 5: It is a supernatural action anime series, the last episode of the fourth season aired on 3 July, 2018. This Japanese manga anime series has gained huge popularity for its outstanding storyline. It is adopted from a light novel of the same name. Ichiei Ishibumi has penned this series.



The Highschool DxD season5 is expected to follow Hero Oppai Dragon Arc from the manga. It was initiated in season 4. This anime follows manga very nicely and hence we can assume the new season will follow manga volumes 11 and 12.


The writer completed the 12th volume of the series in 2012.  If we consider the novels there is much material left to be showcased, for more seasons after the fifth one. We can expect to see more chemistry between Issei and Rias. We’ll see Issei learn more about the supernatural world in this season.  Many questions remain unanswered in the previous season and are expected to reveal in this season with new chapters unfolding in the character’s life.

The release of highschool DxD season 5

Highschool DxD will surely return for a sequel. The last season was a hit and it was successful in impressing the fans with its animations.

The creators have confirmed that the series will return for a new season. The pandemic has slowed down the production process. A 2020 release seems unlikely to be on the go.

High school DxD season 5

The official release date is yet to be revealed. Let’s cross fingers till then and hope for the best.

HighSchool DxD Season 5 Cast & Crew

This season will obviously have the main characters, Issei Hyodo, Rias Gremory, Asia, Koneko, Kiba and others.

There are going to be more supporting cast.


It is directed by Yoshifumi Sueda, who will be playing a small part.

The story is expected to bring a bang!


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