IDOLY PRIDE TV anime confirms its premiere in Japan for January 2021


Idoly Pride, is a multimedia idol project which is the creation of the merged subsidiaries of CyberAgent including QualiArts, Straight Edge, and Music Ray’n, On Friday, 2nd of October, It made an announcement on it’s official Twitter handle about its new TV anime series, which is all set to premiere in upcoming 2021.


IDOLY PRIDE TV Anime: When It Will Release?

We have to wait for a long for approx. 100 days to get the anime series. The TV anime of IDOLY PRIDE will be release in 2021 on January 10.


IDOLY PRIDE TV Anime: Where It Will Release?

TV anime series, is all set to premiere on the platform of TOKYO MX, BS Nittele,KBS Kyoto as well as Abema TV and Animax,

IDOLY PRIDE TV Anime: Who Will Be The Producer For The Series?

The TV anime series is being produced by brand new animation company, named as CA Animation, also Lerche is working on the production.

IDOLY PRIDE TV Anime: Other Staff Details.

Yu Kinome, is directing the series, This anime will be the debut anime series for him, He had previously worked as a sub-director of the anime named as Classroom of the Elite as well as Asobi Asobase which was released in 2018, Tatsuya Takahashi will be the series composer for the series.


IDOLY PRIDE TV Anime: Anime Music Video Details:

The music video for the anime has been out in the month of August, The music video is been titled as Sayonara kara Hajimaru Monogata. The music video was performed by the ten idols of Hoshimi Production’s. The tune for this music video has been given by Masayoshi Oishi

List Of Hoshimi Production’s Idol Who Performed The Music Video:

  • Sayaka Kanda as Mana Nagase
  • Miku Tachibana as Kotono Nagase
  • Mai Sugano as Sakura Kawasaki
  • Moeko Yuuki as Rei Ichinose
  • Kokona Natsume as Nagisa Ibuki
  • Nao Sasaki as Haruki Saeki
  • Koharu Miyazawa as Saki Shiraishi
  • Kanon Takao as Chisa Shiraishi
  • Kanata Aikawa as Suzu Narumiya
  • Moka Hyuga as Mei Hayasaka
  • Yukina Shutou as Shizuku Hyodo


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