I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 2: Release Date, Preview, and much more!

I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 2: As Yuusuke is fighting from monsters, he insists to be left alone. The boy also says that he is not fond of the city and does not even like the people in it. As he is sitting on a dead monster he wonders that his life is much more exciting than Tokyo. This is a place in Japan.



The second episode of I am standing on a million lives will premiere on nine October of this year, 2020. The time for the release is ten at night. New episode of the show will air every Friday. Like most Japanese anime shows, this is also a weekly show.



The preview of the anime is available on official YouTube channel of the creators. The video is also available on some websites. To check it out you can search it by writing the same in the search box.

I'm Standing on a Million Lives Episode 2
I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 2


Yuusuke never ays the things which are really on his mind. The main character of the show is not even fond of school and the teacher also does not notice him. His teacher advises him to have friends who he should open up to or he will never make it through high school. Yuusuke is impressed that his teacher knows him well. They both left Yuusuke alone inside the class and something strange started happening. He got teleported in another dimension and he falls inside the pool of monsters.

Yuusuke manages to swim out and met with Shindou along with Hakozaki. They told him that they are happy to find a boy and an instructor appears. He gave them instructions saying that Yuusuke is a new member and they are going to do everything together. The instructor shows them their quest that they must fulfill the village chief’s request within the 14 days time limit. He also reveals that the monsters in this world will ready and raring to kill them.


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