Iwa Kakeru – Sport Climbing Girls ready to be a part of Crunchyroll’s Fall 2020 Lineup

Iwa Kakeru Sport Climbing Girls

Iwa Kakeru Sport Climbing Girls-The Crunchyroll’s Fall Lineup 2020 has begun today!


Bringing in a plethora of new anime series and seasons that would keep the anime lovers hooked; Crunchyroll just launched its 2020 Fall Lineup. Here click the link below to find out the upcoming series.


Though the coronavirus has off course hugely impacted the release of various manga, the Crunchyroll additions are going to be quite action-packed.

Among them is the anime series Iwa Kakeru! -Sport Climbing Girls.

This sports genre anime series is based on the manga novels created by Ryudai Ishizaka. It was first serialized via Cygames’ Cyomi manga app and website from December 2017 to May 2019 and was later, collected in four tankobon volumes by Kodansha.

Iwa Kakeru Sport Climbing Girls Plot Synopsis

The story revolves around Konomi Kasahara as she discovers the sport of rock climbing. Konomi is skilled in the art of puzzle-solving. She uses her previous learned skills as she practices another skill― sports climbing (also known as bouldering in Japan).

Iwa Kakeru! – Sport Climbing Girls Trailer

The first trailer for the series was released on July 24 announcing an October premiere date.  Click on the link below to watch the English subbed version.



Iwa Kakeru Sport Climbing Girls Cast and Crew

Mikako Komatsu (Sanae Kozuki in Sakura Quest) as Chinari Iwamine

Sachi Kokuryu (Ilse Langnar in Attack on Titan) as Chigusa Kumagai

Chihiro Ueda (Masaru Saiga in Karakuri Circus) as Masumi Fujita

Daria Midou (Chihiro Onizuka in Hi Score Girl) as Rina Samura

Machico (Tsubasa Ibuki in The Idolmaster Million Live! video games) as Kurea Oba

Yukari Tamura (Suzuha Amane in Steins;Gate 0) as Anne Kurusu

The series is directed by  Tetsuro Amino (Macross 7). Touko Machida (The Idol Master) wrote the screenplay of the show and its music composer is Tsubasa Ito (composer at CyGames).


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