Japanese-Dubbed PV of Chinese Anime Mo Dao Zu Shi Revealed

Mo Dao Zu Shi Anime

Mo Dao Zu Shi: The famous action and mystery based Chinese novel is all set to make its way from novel to anime right in China as  well as in Japan And with this all the anime lovers will have a new demonic anime taste in their list. Read below to fetch more updated regarding this upcoming series.


Dao Zu Shi: Details For The Japanese Dubbed PV

A new Twitter account and website has bene created for the Dao Zu Shi’s  Japanese broadcast, In the preview we saw, different characters like the Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji


Is there Any Release Detail In The PV?

The Japanese version of Mo Dao Zu Shi will be running on TOKYO-MX,  BS-11 and WOWOW in the January month of 2021.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

Ryohei Kimura will be the voice over for Wei Wuxian,

Shinnosuke Tachibana will be the voiceover foe  Lan Wangji.

No other details had been revealed yet about the voice over cast.


Mo Dao Zu Shi: What It Is All About?

The series follows the story of  Wei Wuxian, who is one of the practitioners who is attempting in cultivating the path of  immortality. All after 13 years of his death Wei Wuxian who has seeded the Demonic Path which is full of controversy is now transformed and summoned into a new body and had met a  fellow cultivator named as  Lan Wangji. The two will then  join forces together, to solve a mystery that will sparkle the light on the past life of  Wei Wuxian.

This Chinese novel is also known by another name The Founder of Diabolism and the anime version had been created by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu and was directed by Xiong Ke Along with the writings of Liang Sha

You can check the dubbed trailer for more details on the official site and twitter handle of Mo Dao Zu Shi.


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