Jobless Reincarnation The 2nd Cour: Everything You Need To Know

The fans of Jobless Reincarnation have something to be excited about. They are all hyped because the series has announced that it has been renewed for a second cour.


Jobless Reincarnation first appeared on our screens as a manga and was written by Rifujin Na Magonote. The manga was put up on the internet. Hence, the novels were available for free to the people to read in 2012. But, then the manga was taken up by Media Factory’s MF Books. The illustrations in this book were done by Shirotaka.


Jobless Reincarnation: How did it come to be?

Hence, in the year 2014, it was converted into a manga series. The series was developed by Yuka Fujikawa. It started to show up in the Monthly Comic Flapper magazine. This ended up getting segregated into seven different volumes by the Seven Seas Entertainment.

The manga started to get a lot of popularity across the board. Hence, it was then adapted into a show, which was directed by Manabu Okamoto. The first cour of the show came on 11th January, 2021.

Jobless Reincarnation: What do we know about the second season?

Well, we are pretty certain that no actual release date for the show has come as of now. But, it has been confirmed that the second cour will be coming out sometime in October 2021. The character designing and the composing will be done by the same individuals, who did the first cour.

The show will be produced by Studio Bind. It has been revealed that the second cour will consist of 12 episodes. The second cour will focus on the story of Rudeus and him attending the Renoa School of Magic. Hence, we are very much excited for the return of one of our most favourite anime shows of all time.

Fans can stream the show on Netflix or Hulu.

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