Jujutsu Kaisen Official Trailer 2:Release Date Revealed!

Jujutsu Kaisen, a Japanese Manga show is written by Gege Akutami. The show is a dark fantasy and includes adventurous and occult fiction. The show will be aired on Crunchyroll. The site promoting TGE show said that it contains everything to catch your attention, the show has negative feelings like shame, regret, and hardships. And based on a character it shows how curses can be destructive. The fans of the anime series are excited for the show’s premiere after the trailer was released on fourth September 2020.


Date Revealed

The official Twitter handle revealed to its fans that TGE show, Jujutsu Kaisen will be making its debut on the second October. Although as of now the exact date has not been announced by the production company, but the people are thinking that official news will come out later during this week as the magazine will prepare its new edition.


The second official trailer reveals the cast of the show

As the trailer went viral and got a lot of views, it gave out the names of the people who will be voicing the characters of this amazing anime series. Kenjiro Tsuda, a Japanese voice actor, and father of two children will give his voice to the character of Kento Nanami.

Plot of jujutsu kaisen

The show is being directed by Sunghoo Park and is written by Hiroshi Seko. All the powerful characters of the anime have been designed by the famous illustrator Tadashi Hiramatsu.

The awaited anime series will revolve around the story of a young normal high school boy who possesses extreme physical strength and tries to save his friend. During this rescue, Itadori Yuji, the boy gets attacked by Curses, and then the real story will continue. The show will be aired in countries over Asia as well.

Save the date in your calendar and be ready to watch this dark yet motivational anime series on crunchyroll.


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