Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1: Release Date, Cast and More Information

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1: Originally a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Gege Akutami, is now produced as an anime series. The supernatural series has around 6.8 million volumes printed around the world. Going by the name itself as the title, Jujutsu Kaisen will be produced by MAPPA and directed by Sunghoo Park.



The official English-subtitled trailer of the animated series was released on May 20 this year. Numerous positive reactions by the fans were being seen on different social media platforms. They found the trailer mesmerizing and claimed it to be the best anime of 2020.


Click below to watch the official ‘JUJUTSU KAISEN’ trailer:



The anime adaption of Jujutsu Kaisen was announced on November 25, 2019 in the 52nd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump.The trailer revealed the release date for the series as October 2020. Although, no official release date has been confirmed yet, but according to some resources the series may be released in the beginning of October. The show will be aired on Crunchyroll only.

THE PLOT of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1

Jujutsu Kaisen is a frightful supernatural story that revolves around a normal high school boy named Yuuji Itadori. He lives in Sendai with his grandfather and has an immense talent for sports. But, he chooses to join an Occult club in his college as he wants to have fun and hang out with his seniors at college, and another reason for joining this research group is that he is able to get off school early and can meet his grandfather.


Being in the Occult group he discovers that its members are actual sorcerers and can manipulate the energy between beings for their own use. They came across the finger of a demonic figure, Ryomen Sukuna, which is a real cursed object. Considering his grandfather’s advice to “always help people”, he swallows the finger and becomes the host of Sukuna. Yuuji discovers that he is able to control the power within himself. He joins the Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College to consumes all of Sukuna’s fingers, which will enable a full exorcism to take place that will free him.


Yūji Itadori Voiced by Junya Enoki
Megumi Fushiguro Voiced by Yuma Uchida
Satoru Gojō Voiced by Yuichi Nakamura
Nobara Kugisaki Voiced by Asami Seto
Sukuna Voiced by Junichi Suwabe
Maki Zenin Voiced by Mikako Komatsu
Toge Inumaki Voiced by Kōki Uchiyama
Panda Voiced by Tomokazu Seki


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