Kageki Shoujo !! TV Anime Directed by Kazuhiro Yoneda to Premiere in 2021

Kazuhiro Yoneda

On Wednesday, that is on twenty eight October an official website launched to confirm that Kageki Shoujo! manga by Kumiko Saiki is getting adapted into a TV anime in the next year, that is 2021. The title of the anime is same as the manga, that is Kageki Shoujo!!, but its story will come from Kageki Shoujo!! season zero. The official website also revealed that the staff of the anime and its teaser visual as well.



In the story line of the manga, like the Takarazuka Revue a young woman who goes to Kouka Kageki High School which is an arts academy to play all the parts of musical theater be they male or female.


The female roles are performed by Narada Ali who is a jaded former idol and her roommate, Watanabe Sarasa plays the male roles and she is a country girl with bright eyes. Since the time of school to the stage and even in rest of their lives, there is no challenge which these young women cannot face with their passion for performance.


The anime series will be directed by Kazuhiro Yoneda and the characters are being designed by Takahiro Kishida.

Kageki Shoujo


The original manga was published in two volumes by Shueisha but the series was again released in one compiled volume in the last year, that is 2019 in the month of March. The title of the manga was Kageki Shoujo!! season zero. If you want to see its visual, you can check it out on the official website of anime network. This volume will also be released in English translation by Seven Seas Entertainment.

They will release the manga under the title Kageki Shoujo!! the curtain rises on twenty fourth of the next month, that is November. The plot of the manga was given by this company only.


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