Kamiarizuki no Kodomo/Child of Kamiari Month New Trailer and Updates

Kamiarizuki no Kodomo – What does Kamiarizuki mean? Well, as per the lunar calendar, it means the month of God. The official YouTube channel has put up a 60-sec video on Saturday.


Well, we all were super excited about the film, Kamiarizuki no Kodomo, or also popularly known as Child of Kamari Month. On 5th May of this year, the production house of the film made an announcement relating to this new feature film.


In their first crowdfunding project, Cretica Universal back in 2019 announces this new feature film project.

The crowdfunding project that Cretica Universal did was in three stages. The first stage was the development and the beginning of the feature film Kamiarizuki/ Child of Kamari Month. This was the first summit in 2019 that took place between March to May.

From July to August, in 2019, another crowdfunding project took place, which was the second Summit of the film. And this year from April to June, the last Summit is the crowdfunding project that took place.


Kamiarizuki no Kodomo/Child of Kamiari Month

The story is about the girl, Kanna. The girl is running away from all the problems after her mother died, and in between, she met with Shiro, who was God’s messenger and a boy Yasha. And Yasha was an ogre.

Later in the story, Kanna crosses the line between humans and the god and got an invitation into Izumo. Well, the storyline of the show was incredible and no one of you can deny this.

Release date of kamiarizuki

Well, the production house of the film announce about the film in 2019 only but due to the pandemic and all the delays, the film will be getting released in 2021. The confirm date is not yet released but the film will get released early in the next year.

Recently the Cretica Universal released 60-second videos featuring all the three main characters of the mythological film.

There are no changes in the cast of the film. Three main roles would be the same and the voice would also be the same which was used to be.


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