Kanan Minami ended her Awa-Koi manga on September 4

Kanan Minami Awa Koi manga

Kanan Minami’s Awa Koi manga has finally come to an end. The manga creator revealed the news on her official Twitter account. She ended her Awa-Koi manga in Shogakukan’s Digital & Flower magazine in issue 37 this year on September 4.


Awa-Koi Manga by Kanan Minami

Then, in December 2019, the manga picked up where it left off in & Flower. At this point, the manga also entered the final arc.


Sho-Comi published the manga in their magazine in 2016. Kanan Minami created and wrote the manga. The fourth compiled volume of the manga shipped in February 2019.

Shogakukan’s Sho-Comi magazine made an announcement in July 2018. They said the manga would take a long hiatus. They are also sad that Minami is going back to work when his condition improves.



The history of manga is very attractive to teenagers. Many fans were able to relate to the manga directly. This scenario made him famous among the young population.

The manga revolves around a character named Yuka. She is a quiet student and seeks her true love. Every time you love someone, it is free. She always falls in love with people who don’t care.

When he enters college, he decides to join the active club. He thought that this way, he would meet new people and maybe find his true love. But there you have bad luck.

After entering high school, she decides that she really has a boyfriend. She looks at Kentaro. Yuka falls in love with him at first sight. You know it can be challenging to impress you, but you choose it no matter what.

Sho-Comi began serializing Minami’s Kyō, Koi, or Hajimemasu in January 2008, which ended in 2011. The manga was made into two anime DVDs in 2010 and a live movie in 2012. “Honey & Honey Drops” and “Miseinen dakedo” Kodomo ja Nai “is Minami’s other famous manga. 


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