Kei Toume’s ‘Kurogane Kai’ manga to end on October 21.

Kurogane Kai also called as Black Steel is a manga series created by Kei Toume. It is published by Kodansha Publications. The English version of the manga is published by Del Rey.


Shueisha’s Grand Jump magazine 20th issue confirmed on September 16th, that Kei Toume’s Kurogane Kai manga will be ending in the forthcoming chapter, which will feature in the 22nd issue of the magazine on 21st October 2020.


The manga is the sequel of the previous Kurogane Manga series.

The plot of Kurogane Kai

Revenging his father’s assassination is a matter of pride for the young Jintetsu. The killer of his father is a corrupted government official and holds many powers; now the only issue is Jintetsu is already dead.

Genkichi, who’s a master inventor finds the Jintetsu’s severely damaged body, torn to small pieces by stray dogs. Genkichi gives a new shape to the dead body, which is unbreakable and immortal, body made of steel, along with a talking sword, what Jintetsu will require the most to fight with the gang ruling over his hometown and the criminal who killed his father. However, he has left a beautiful girl behind, named Otsuki. Jintetsu’s steel body can protect him from any attack but cannot save him from the pain he is having in his heart.

Kurogane Kai

Kei Toume released Kurogane Kai in February, 2017. Shuiesha magazine launched the fourth compiled book volume of the manga. The manga took a break earlier this year and returned back on 20th May.

Characters of ‘Kurogane Kai’

Jintetsu – The lead character of the manga

Haganemaru – The other lead character as Bestfriend of Jintetsu

Genkichi – Inventor and former Samurai

Renji – A Renowned Murderer

Ayame – Similar to Jintetsu and Mistress of Gambling games.


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