Kengan Omega Chapter 78: Release Date, Spoilers, and much more!

Kengan Omega Chapter 78: Kengan, the fight is still on it is Kengan Association fighters vs. Purgatory fighters. The Purgatory fighters are still winning since they are leading by 2:1. Only 12 matches are left, and no idea who will win. Let’s see what chapter 78 has for us.


Under special rules, the two Fangs of Metsudo are about to clash. The first is between new and old Metsudo; let’s see who will win. They both are ready to fight with each other after having some words with another.


The new Fang of Metsudo Misasa is moving toward Yuhigahama, the sixth fang. The highest-ranked bodyguard, Kengan Association advisor, Katahara Metsudo is watching the fangs inside the ring. He is the one who declares that Yuhigahama Hikaru is the 6th Fanga.

Release Date of Kengan Omega chapter 78

Every Thursday, there is a new chapter of Kengan Omega, and according to this, on the 24th of September 2020, chapter 78 will get aired.

Kengan Omega Chapter 78

There are no spoilers available for the show, but we will update you as soon as we get the information. So till that, Let’s see what happens in chapter 77.

What happens in Chapter 77?

The two Metsudo guards are also there. The guards said that he must not bring embarrassment to the name of the Fang. Hikaru thinks he mastered everyone, and the fight between the Hikaru and Misasa had begun. Hikaru aims to take Misasa down instantly.

But Misasa quickly dodgers the move of Hikaru. And Hikaru starts punching and not stopping at all. Hikaru charges soon with all of his body to shift Misasa out of the ring. Hikaru was landing heavy punches on Misasa and not giving time for force back.

They both blocking each other punches and giving each other a tough fight. And the Kengan fighters were happy to see them fighting like this.

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