Kengan Omega Chapter 79: Release Date, Spoilers, and much more!

Kengan Omega Chapter 79: It is a Japanese manga series. It is illustrated by Daromeon and written by Sanrovich Yabako. Recently its 78th episode was released.

Release Date of Chapter 79

Chapter 79 of Kengam Omega will be released on October 1st, 2020 i.e. Thursday. It will be released for Japan only. Internationally it won’t be going to release anytime soon.

The previous episode of the series

Chapter 78th was released last week. It introduced people who steal away martial arts techniques. On the other hand, MIsasa is avoiding a fight with Hikaru. But he saw him unprotected and at that time he could attack him but his plan didn’t work out. Misasa was seen being defensive only with Hikaru even after his left side of the face was torn.

Misasa didn’t help himself and being weak tolerated everything. Hikaru starts bragging about his invincibility while Misasa thinks him a ruthless idiot.

Kengan Omega Chapter 79
Kengan Omega Chapter 79

Kaike sees Misasa with Hikaru and notices his intention to end Hikaru at any point in time. However, it was already too late as Misasa landed her final blow which threw Hikaru on the ground. Hikaru left stunned sensing such an enormous amount of power in Misasa as he saw his face covered in blood while Misasa didn’t even get a scratch.


As the new episode will be released on 1st October, Thursday night is going to be fun. As it, a Weekly manga series, new episode releases every week. In the 79th chapter, the most amazing and interesting thing will be the fight between the fangs.

The new episode will be going to show Misasa’s background and his offensive behavior. There will be a special match, which will be going to tell you about the 80th chapter.

You can check out Kengam’s official site for more information. It will be available on Crunchyroll and Hulu with English subtitles after a few days.


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