Kingdom Chapter 652 Release Date, Spoilers, and More Information

If you are into animes that have the theme of battles and face-offs, then surely we have great news coming your way. Kingdom Chapter 652 is the most buzzed-about anime series recently. Because of its amazing storyline, this anime is winning hearts and is popular among people. Here’s what all you should know about the Kingdom Chapter 652.


When will the Kingdom Chapter 652 release?

Kingdom Chapter 652 will be released on 3rd September 2020. If you know Japanese this is good news for you. However, if you one of those who watch English translated versions of anime then you might need to wait for a day more. The English version of the Kingdom Chapter652 will be available on September 4, 2020.


Recap of Episode 651:

The previous episode saw Man’U fighting against Moubo and clearing his forces real quick. This worries Moubo as he definitely needs Wei’s help to win against Man’U. He wishes to have a face-off with Moubo and they both stand facing each other. To Moubo’s relief, Tou came with 20,000 more men. Still, in hope of Wei reinforcing his army, Moubo fights the battle with his last breath which will be continued in the Kingdom Chapter652.

Kingdom Chapter 652

What will happen in Kingdom Chapter 652? (Spoilers Alert!)

The upcoming chapter will primarily focus on the big battle between Chu and Qin. So this episode will actually put more fire to this ongoing clash. 30,000 men were standing with Moubu against 80,000 men and Moubu did not step back. Tou supported Moubu with 20,000 more men. Even the Chu army was reinforced. Following this, the fight has 110k men against 50k men. In order to win Qin would need Wei troops by his side to defeat his opponent and seize the Jouko fort.

Stay tuned to know more.


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