Kingdom Chapter 654: Release Date, Preview, and much more!

Kingdom Chapter 654: Kingdom Manga is about the Warring States of China, a period of somewhere around 476- 221BCE. It is a story of a boy and a king who are on their journey to improve the realm of heritage.


Release Date of Kingdom Manga Chapter 654: When will the new chapter be released?

Since the manga is released every week, Kingdom Chapter654 is scheduled to release on 17 or 18 September 2020. You may browse Kingdom Manga on various comic reading websites. And for more information about the latest updates about your favorite manga series stay tuned with us.


Spoilers for Kingdom Manga Chapter654:

The spoilers for Kingdom Chapter 654 will be released soon. We expect them to release on 16 September. However, here we have a few leaks for Kingdom Chapter 654.

Not only the Juuko Generals seem very sly, but it also appears that they are upto twisting the tides of the battle. He states that he is sent by Gohou Mei.


Sento’un may possess some tough instances to fight against Rokuomi and Ranbihaku. Both Rokuomi and Ranbihaku are great commanders. Sento’un being mad about the warfare will fight against them.

Recap for Kingdom Manga Chapter 653: What are the spoilers for Chapter 653?

When Juko’ou appeared in the gong, the warfare was initiated. The alliance involving the Chu empire and Qin and Wei alliance seems to be tense. Further, both sides seem to be equally strengthened. Wei troops and Qin soldiers found each other further in this chapter. Also, they had a belief that they were enemies. However, they had to do the work jointly and this makes Rokuomi very sad.

Undoubtedly, there are many fans that want to know more about the upcoming Kingdom Manga Chapter 654. However, we assure you that once the Spiers are out we will update you about everything.


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