Kingdom Chapter 657 Release Date, Spoilers and More Information

Kingdom Manga

Kingdom Chapter 657: It is a Japanese manga series. It is illustrated and written by Yasuhisa Hara. Till now 656 episodes have released and another chapter will be released this week. Here is what all to know about the coming episode.


Release Date of Chapter 657

Kingdom Chapter 657 is all set to make a release on 17th October, 2020 i.e. Saturday. A new episode is released every Saturday. Earlier this episode was going to release in September but got postponed due to some issues.


Previously in Chapter 656

Man- U attacks Moubu while moving towards him. Man-U yells at Moubu for getting carried away. Raki was being told to move ahead. While others are heading towards Man U. He is happy for Moubu for his interest. On the other hand, Sentou army is having a battle with Rokuomi’s army. Sentou made a powerful slash that nearly got Rokoumi killed. Rokoumi dodges the attack in time but he got some scratch.

Sentou smiled while saying that he will find someone better to fight with, someone worthy. Everything around is boring and he wanted to do something that encourages him and has some real fun and entertainment. Sentou noticed Wei on the other hand and said this is amazing and interesting for him. Sentou is happy that Wei and Qin Army have left him unattended.

Kingdom Chapter 657

Somehow Moubu manages to wipe off every personal guard and Man U praised him for waiting to reach there. Man U knows very well that Moubu is strong enough to handle everything on his own and also defeated Kanmei, a stronger person than him has much to say.After Moubu reached at the place of Man U the batlle started. A powerful blow over Moubu’s horse which makes him trip. Moubu somehow saves himself from the attack and fell on the ground, but battle continues.


Till now no spoilers have been released yet.

The manga is available on Weekly young magazine.


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