‘Kingdom’ Chapter 663: Release Date, Spoilers and all you need to know!!

The fans are all ready and excited for the new upcoming chapter of another of their favourite anime series, Kingdom, i.e. Chapter 663. Hey guys, we are back again with all the info you need, being the manga reader.


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As per fandom, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hara, Yasuhisa. It is published by Shueisha and serialized in Weekly Young Jump.

The manga depicts the journey of an anonymous kid and a young ruler. They attempt on changing the kingdom’s course of history. It leads to their fate being set apart by violence and pain, also, this is all we are acquainted with from the last chapter of the Kingdom.

The Hi Shin armed force is getting pushed back, most likely it is on the grounds that Shin is preparing his soldiers, yet he’s not taking a shot at himself as a commander. Building the adept abilities needs long periods of fighting, and it is right on time for him.

Kingdom Chapter 663

Also, not only the absence of Kyoukai but also the death of Shousa is bothering the Infantry to an extent.

The shadow that Kyoukai saw while meditating might be of one of the Shiryou that appeared when she made the sacrifice to Shin. Fans are predicting that she might need a healer Bushin to restore her spirit.


Chapter 663 of the Kingdom manga, titled “A Rumour Outside the River”, has been released on Thursday, Dec 03, 2020.

The raw scans are as follows. Each army has a non-civilian,non-combat unit that just brings information on the location and formation of the enemy’s army. Shin and others receive information from the non-civilian unit that a rumour has been spread about the manager killing enemy forces at night. Although the manager has been sleeping all this time, this leaves Shin shocked. Information Unit also doesn’t believe in it, but some think it might be true.


Despite being very popular, Kingdom remains a Japanese-only series, and there is no official English translation of the Kingdom manga.

All the available English versions of the manga are fan-translated. Yet, Kingdom manga is available for purchase on Amazon.


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