Kingdom Chapter 666: Release date, Spoilers, and much more!

Kingdom Chapter 666: It is a Japanese epic youth manga series which was written by Yasuhisa Hara who also had illustrated it. the manga describes the ancient warfare in a fictional period. The manga was published in the Weekly Young Jump and has been serialized by Shueisha and had been running since 2006 and had now it had published 59 volumes. Now today in this article we will be discussing with you all about the chapter release 666. read below to know more.


Kingdom Chapter 666: When It Will Release?

The next chapter 666 of this manga series will be released on 9th of October 2020, on Friday. usually the manga makes the latest release of the chapters, on weekly basis and on Thursday and Friday but, recently the chapter 665 of this manga had been delayed, so it may happen with this too.


Kingdom: Chapter 665 Details

Win Chapter 665 we saw that, Kouyoku army and Tou’s army are clashing together. Kouyoku addressed that a strong person is taking all the charge, and that person is none other than, Tou who is making the way by the use of sword known as Bakuya .He told everybody that if anyone will make a blink of an eye than they will be dead, so in order to be alive the must keep the eyes open. At Qin HQ, they were startled another shocking  twist in the ongoing battle

Kingdom Chapter 666
Kingdom Chapter 666

Mouki is trying to find the deviations of their plan and as such a pincer attack will not be a benefit. The Junei armyhas been made to be back which is not a good news for the army of Wei. Gouhoumei ,in order of switching the tactics, stated that he will be sending a messenger to the Rokuomi. the messenger has been reached and the news made Rokuomi shocked Ranbihaku also got a message by Gouhoumei. Ranbihaku asks about the authenticity of the news by his soldiers for which they replied a yes

The plan was to make the  Rokuomi army, a wall so that the enemy will be cornered. The Ranbihaku battalion will become able to move from the shackles of the enemy. Wei’s army is making its way to Chu’s HQ which was a surprise for everyone  about what Gouhoumei is is going to do. Mouki notices that a supporting force is been created for the main attack.

Kingdom Chapter 666: What Are The Spoilers?

There isn’t any spoiler for now, and no raw scan has been released, so it will b a difficult to have an exact idea of what will be happening next, but you can fetch more details by reading the manga on the  Weekly Young Magazine.


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