KissAnime and KissManga Have Been Shut Down Permanently

KissAnime and KissManga:  Anime and Manga streaming websites KissAnime and KissManga, which provided high-quality access to all their libraries and regularly updated all shows for free for fans, have been sadly shut down. 

What Exactly Happened?

The news first surfaced in a subreddit called “KissAnimeReddit”, where a user reported that the timing for the shutdown has been officially announced to be between 10 pm and 10.20 pm PST on August 14, 2020. Hours later, the official Discord server of KissAnime was updated with a message explaining that the streaming website is being shut down. This sudden closing down of the popular streaming sites was probably inevitable, as KissAnime and KissMAnga were open-source websites, run by people who illegally downloaded Anime and Manga shows and comics to upload them on the website, like a modern-day Robin Hood. Japan’s government recently took various decisions to implement a law that makes copyright laws more rigid, hence why the piracy website ended.


A similar illegal website called “Manga Rock” was also shut down permanently and other similar websites are expected to land this fate as well. The Japanese government says that people should watch anime and manga legitimately by actually paying for them and by purchasing subscriptions in official streaming services like Netflix and Crunchyroll, to pay proper respect and support the creators of these shows. It may get difficult for a lot of fans who don’t have the money to have all their favorite shows at one place, as different shows are released on a plethora of platforms and it just isn’t feasible to buy subscriptions to all of them, especially for a person who used to stream them for free.

Needless to say, KissAnime was one of the most popular anime streaming websites and its demise has left the internet in dismay. People started posting images and videos, expressing their sadness, and paying respect to the years of free content that the website provided them with. Some are posting their favorite moments from anime and manga shows. Thank you KissAnime, You won’t be forgotten.

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