Knight’s and Magic Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and More Information

Knight’s and Magic Season 2: There is a wide variety of anime shows out there that represent everything from fantasy worlds to sci-fi mecha robots to believable tales of romance. ‘Knights and Sorcery’ is essentially a mixture of all these put together with their focus on elements of mecha. It’s more or less an Isekai on paper where a character dies and finds himself in a new world. But unlike other similar series, ‘Knights and Magic’ by depicting a character who genuinely works hard to be a better version of himself defies the traditional norm.


Knight’s & Magic is a Japanese light novel series written by Hisago Amazake-no and illustrated by Kurogin and an anime television series adaptation by Eight Bit aired from July to September 2017.


Release Date 

It has not been confirmed if there will be a second season or not but there is a high possibility that a second season might be released but it shall not be released within the next year.

Knight's and Magic Season 2
Knight’s and Magic Season 2


The English dubbing cast for this series is Aaron Roberts for Mathius Echevarria, Chris Wehkamp playing Edgar C. Blanche, John Swasey’s voice for Lauri Echevarria, Josh Grelle for Dietrich Knitz, Morgan Garrett for Helvi Oberi, Rachael Messer for Selestina Echevarria, Ryan Reynolds’ voice playing Batson Termonen, Tia Ballard for Stefania Selaty.

More Information

In Knights and Magic, Tsubasa Kurata who, after dying in a car crash, was transported into a dream world. The Fremmevilla Kingdom is the name of the fantasy universe, a place where the robots called Silhouette Knights battle the demons. Tsubasa is called Ernesti Echevarria, and is born into a magical family.

He enlists twins Adeltrud and Archid Olter in the story to help him fulfill his dream of making his Knight Silhouette in defense of the kingdom.


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