Kodansha Comics Will Be Publishing Simulpub Manga Chapters on ComiXology

Kodansha is a Japanese company, headquarters in Bunkyo, Tokyo. It is one of the leading companies and very famous for mangas like Afternoon, Evening, Nakayoshi, Weekly shonen magazine and all. It is founded by Seiji Noma in 1909 and leading forward with his family members. Simulpub publishes digital versions of manga volumes. Simulpub publishes the English version of the mangas at the same time they are released in Japan.

Simulpub Manga Chapters on ComiXology

On Monday Kodansha Comics announced at the starting of this month that they will be going to release chapters of simulpubs ongoing manga. It will be released on Comixology service on the same day. Apart from this, it will also be released on a few other platforms.

Apart from this unlimited subscribers can read from Kodansha Comics without any extra money.

Other mangas that Kodansha Comics publishes in English alongwith Japanese releases are Space Brothers, Edens Zero, Attack on titan, Domestic Girlfriend, Ghost in the shell: The Human Algorithm and there are several more mangas.

Apart from Comixology Kodansha has a wide range of platforms to release its manga. Kodansha can release the simulpub mangas on streaming platforms like Book Walkers and Crunchyroll. Apart from this simulpub mangas are also supposed to release on Amazon Kindle but only for paid subscribers. Also, not all simulpub mangas will be available on Book walker and Crunchyroll. Other than these streaming platforms many other platforms too releases manga but after a week or so. Not all manga are available on Crunchyroll or BookWalker.

Kodansha is all set to release simulpub manga on Comixology. Comixology provides a wide range of languages for users to read in language as per their choice. So if you are looking for a place to catch up on your favorite series check them out this month. And wait for Comixologies manga edition.


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