‘Kuroneko if’ story 2nd volume to be released in Japan in February 2021

The first volume of ‘Kuroneko if’ was out on 10 th September 2020 in Japan. Also according to the official twitter for Tsukasa Ore, no Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai and Eromanga Sensei light novel series, the second volume of Oreimo Novel’s “Kuroneko if” story will release on 10 February next year(2021). Also, the second volume will be the last and final volume of Oreimo Novel’s “Kuroneko if” story.


The second volume of “Kuroneko if” story will release in February next year:

Earlier two volumes of “Ayase if” stories were released in the past. The first volume of “Ayase if” story was published in August previous year followed by its second volume in June this year(2020). Now as mentioned earlier also the first volume of “Kuronekoif” released on 10 September 2020. And its next volume will release next year. There are speculations that the new volume will focus on Kanako Kurusu.


No doubt the “if ” series was released telling the heroine’s happy ending story with Kyousuke Kousaka. The ‘Ayase if’ story was about Ayase Aragaki route in the PSP game Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Portable. On the other hand, ‘Kuroneko if’ will center around the love life of Kuroneko and Kyousuke. Hence, “Kuronekoif” will tell a newly written story. In addition, the first volume of “Ayase if” was 232 pages long. However, the first volume of “Kuronekoif” is 344 pages long. So the latter is 112 pages longer than the former.

Till now much is not known about any further details about the upcoming volume of ” Kuroneko if”. Also, we expect that the launch date will be told later. Furthermore, if you wish to read the synopsis of the first volume of ” Kuroneko if”, it is available on the official website of the novel. 


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