Kusogette Iuna ! Short Net Anime Has Been Released

Kusogette Iuna Anime

The short net anime adaptation of Kusogette Iuna ! by Omochisan story premiered it first episode on Saturday. In English the anime can be translated roughly as do not call it a crap-tier game. The official twitter account of Oricon news streamed the A part of the episode on Saturday and the B part was followed the next day which is Sunday. The official twitter account of the anime, Kusogette Iuna began streaming the Part A on Monday, and the B part was followed on the next day, which is Tuesday.


Every week new episodes of the anime will be premiered which will follow the same schedule.



The plot of this anime revolves around an RPG who people call “kusoge” which literally means carp-tier game which means games that have quirky or badly implemented mechanics and design. Lidays who is voiced by Mina Otohata, who is the main character of the anime decides that he is going to change the story of the game by meeting with the other characters while the game is not being played.

Kusogette Iuna

But some glitch happens as they blub their lines and the situation starts to spiral out of their control. This action fiction anime is a must watch if you like playing games too.


Apart from the main character, Lidays there are ten other cast members in the anime which appeared in the episodes. The anime has been directed by Yuzo Yamamoto, and unlike many anime the episodes of this are being directed by one person only till now.

The theme songs for the anime were also composed originally by Japanese singer who is very famous for other songs as well. You can listen to the theme songs during the stream of the episodes. Search the official channel to watch the parts of the episode.


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