Kyoto Animation’s Baja’s Studio – Baja and the Sea – OVA makes it’s way to NHK World with English Subtitles

NHK World

The Japanese national broadcaster NHK World had released the Baja’s Studio – Baja and the Sea anime OVA on Wednesday, 2 September 2020, and had made it free to stream along with English subtitles from all over the world till Wednesday, 9 September 2020 which is almost a week The Ova was released on the official NHK website.


Baja’s Studio – Baja and the Sea: Anime OVA Details

The anime was first aired on TV on the NHK General and the NHK Work Premium on the date of July 23, around 8:15 AM. The anime also had a repeat telecast on 14th August at 9:15 AM. The release of the anime occurs the same day on which there is a holiday in Japan named as Marine Day or “Umi no Hi”


Baja’s Studio – Baja and the Sea: More Details

The first part Baja no studio or Baja’s Studio aired on NHK in last December. The second part of the anime was announced by Kyoto animation right in 2019. The anime was offered to those who have the ordered one of the fan event named as This Is What We Are Now!!: It’s the First Festival in Two Years

They had also planned for offering the anime in Blu-ray disc, although the two events are canceled by the studio They had made the shipment of the book named as This Is What We Are Now!! The Complete Works 2019 and the Blu-ray Disc set along with the Baja no studio anime’s second part.

Baja and the Sea

Baja’s Studio – Baja and the Sea: About Series

The second OVA of the series revolves around Baja who is seeing the sea and is also meeting various marine life creatures along in his journey

Baja was spotted enjoying his happy days with his friend Gar at the place of KOHATA Anime Studio, On a random day, Baja heard the people in the studio who were talking about the sea. On the same night, the Coco who is a comet witch leads Baja to see the sea through magic. Baja was delighted by seeing the blue sea and its various creatures live. The masked wizard Ghee hurls Baja’s dear friend Gar into a black sea by magic, while saying that he will let him know the true sea.

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