Laid-Back Camp Season 2: Two New Visual have been released to promote the upcoming second season

Laid-Back Camp Season 2: On first October that is on, Saturday Wholesome television anime show Laid back camp released on its official twitter account a new visual to celebrate the premiere of its second run in the next year, that is 2021 in the month of January. In that visual, a hungry Sakura and Rin are depicted eating okonomiyaki together in a scene which will be seen in the animated upcoming second season.

You can either see the visual on the twitter account, and it is also available on the official website of Crunchyroll which is one of the best and biggest digital online platform to stream anime series and read manga as well.


In the anime series there is a high school student named Nadeshiko who has just recently moved to Yamanashi from Shizuoka and has decides that he wants to see the famous thousand yen bill featured Mount Fuji. But she is forced to turn back after all the pedaling of her bike all the way to Motosu as the weather starts to worsen. This makes her upset and she ends up fainting partway to her destination. This is mainly as she is unable to set her eyes on the goal.

Laid-Back Camp Season 2
Laid-Back Camp Season 2

It is night when she finally gains conscious state and realizes that she is in a place she has never been before and does not have any idea on how to reach her home back. But as she encounters Rin who is a girl out by herself setting a camp, Nadeshiko is saved. This is the first meeting of the two girls in an outdoor setting and this further sets out the story.


This is the second of the total of five visuals which will be released in order to promote the upcoming second season of the anime. The first visual was released in the previous week.


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