Last Summoner Anime: Release Date and More Information Here


Last Summoner Anime: Zui Hou De Zhao Huan Shi, aka, The Last Summoner is a very successful Chinese Manga. But now, as its all set to get an anime adaption, the fans are extremely excited to watch one of their favorite manga, The Last Summoner, on the big screen.


The Last Summoner Anime is written by Bo He Ying Xiang and illustrated by ASK Animation Studio. 



Based in the fictitious world, the story revolves around the summoners, who are able to call upon the spirits. A lot of creatures with special spiritual powers are filled in this fiction. One of the reasons for the fandom is the black magic stuff in the story. The anime follows the story of the new era summoners, among them, is the lead character who is a protagonist and a cook by profession. He, accidentally, summons a holy spirit, Dora. The spirit is tempted by the yummy and delicious aroma of the food prepared by Ager, the main character. Therefore, the story unfolds its layers and a lot is yet to be discovered. Although the anime is not finished it can be certain there will be more seasons following the season 1 release.


The release of ‘The Last Summoner’ i.e. ‘Zui Hou De Zhao Huan Shi’ was confirmed by Bilibili. Although an official date or month is not yet known, the release is set up to be in 2020.

Last Summoner

But due to the current global pandemic of Coronavirus, many things have come to a rest, and consequently, the production is delayed. However, if the producers are ready to release the anime this year only and the production is resumed the fans will be able to watch ‘The Last Summoner’ Season 1 in the coming time.

The trailer was released this summer. Based on the trailer we can say that the anime will consist of an adult and a censored version.

Click below to watch ‘The Last Summoner’ official trailer:

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