Level-5 announces ‘Inazuma Eleven: The Great Road of Heroes’ game further delayed

Inazuma Eleven: The Great Road of Heroes

Inazuma Eleven is a Japanese Manga series. It was premiered from 2008-2011. It is based on Level 5’s game of the same name. It has 127 episodes.


In 2016 Shaun mentioned a new Level 5’s game for mobile named Inazuma Eleven. It is a football-themed game and Level 5 got success in Europe and Japan. Inazuma’s a new game titled as Izanuma Eleven Ares: Great road of heroes. But eventually, it got delayed much time by the company as they were focussing on some new projects.



The president  Akihiro Hino announced on Sunday that there will be a further delay in the game The Great Road of Heroes. Currently, the company is working over another one which is the Yo-Kai academy, and prioritizing it over the Great Road of Heroes. This is all happening because of the business concern and nothing else. And there might be further delays.

Release date

The game was announced to be released in 2020 only in spring but it got delayed maybe till 2021. If all goes right then expect it in 2021 spring.

It is a bit annoying that the game’s initial release date was in 2018. Originally announced to be released in summer 2018, later got delayed to fall 2018 then winter 2018. And after that 2019 and directly 2020 spring. But even now it got delayed and no official date for the release has been announced yet.


Level 5 has given the title Inazuma Eleven Ares to the game. It will be based on Ares no Tenbin story, there will be some changes as Level 5 will be adding up some episodes.

Plot of Anime

The story revolves around the protagonist Asuto Inamori’s soccer club which was disbanded after the soccer field of school was destroyed completely. Asuto and his few friends went to Tokyo for Raimon-chuu. However, the story will turn towards a parallel world from Inazuma Eleven Soccer role-playing games.

The anime series was premiered in April 2019 by Disney XD in the US. It eventually ended in September 2019.


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