Lezhin Comics And Anime-Planet Announced Partnership!

Lezhin Comics And Anime-Planet: Here is good news for all manga and anime fans. Lezhin Entertainment has forged a partnership with the Anime-Planet. Now you can read all your favorite Lezhin comics on Anime planet.


Webtoons or webcomics are the cartoons that were created to match the format of browsers. Also, South Korea is the birthplace of webtoons. Sometimes they have special effects like background music that further enhances the reading experience of the fans.


About Anime planet:

Animal Planet is the largest company that provides the exclusive content of the webtoon. Anime-Planet was established in 2001. The largest platform for Anime provides animation films that are created in the Japanese style, hence called Japanimation.

About Lezhin Entertainment:

Lezhin company was created in 2013 and is a popular webtoon company Worldwide. It provides content for all ages and that too in many languages including Korean, Japanese, French, and English.

Also, it is the major publisher of webcomics in South Korea and recently the publisher has forged a partnership with Anime-Planet. This will allow access to a huge library of Lezhin exclusive content for English speaking readers.


On 18th August, Lezhin stated that the webtoon company will provide its animation content through Anime planet.

Also, there is a Lezhin App which is very popular in the google app market. The app provides English versions of South Korean webtoons. The app created in 2016 made bigger sales when compared to Marvel and Dc comics.

The partnership of Lezhin and Anime planet will target fans with different preferences. Further, the webtoon content will be diversified much more than ever before.

With the upcoming Netflix, K- drama has become quite popular. With this partnership, Lezhin will enter the global content market where K- drama is popular.

How will the fans be benefited from the partnership?

For the first time, Lezhin exclusive content will be provided by a third party. Not only you will get access to read tons of webtoons by Lezhin comics on Anime planet but also you get to read some of the episodes on the portal for free. You can have access to the content the same day when it would appear on Lezhin platform. This sounds interesting right.

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