Love Me Pom Poko Manga By Modomu Akagawara Will Be Ending in 5th Volume

In June 2019, Modomu Akagawara announced about launching a new manga series. And the title would be Love me Pom Poko. It set to release in 2019s 14th issue. And it released on 5th July.


It has come to an end?

Yes, the 4th compiled volume of Love me Pom Poko by Modomu Akagawara revealed on Tuesday about its ending. It will be going to end in February with its 5th volume.


The 21st issue of Hana to Yume magazine by Hakusensha has revealed on 5th October 2020 that finally the manga is entering the final arc.

Plot of manga

The plot revolves around Ponko. She is a tanuki later transforms herself into a girl so that she could find a Human mate. She takes admission in a celebrity school and later on accidentally pairs up with twin boys in her Tanuki form. The Ninomiya twins are the most popular boys in the school. And later on, they get to know about Ponko’s secret. The twin brothers are willing to help her with one condition.

Love me Pom Poko

The manga launched in July 2019 by Akagawara in Hana to Yume magazine. However, the manga ended My brother’s friend in September 2018. So about 10 volumes of manga published by Hakusensha.

Akagawara first published the manga as a one-shot in Hakusensha’s The Hana to Yume magazine in January 2015 before launching it as a series in Hana to Yume that May.

Many live-action movies and series adapted manga as their storyline as it has immense popularity among youth. So a film released in May 2018 in Japan. And before that, a series premiered on the basis of this manga in March 2018.

Where to read?

Many online platforms release manga after few days of its magazine release. You can wait for that. And that might take up to 1 week or 2 depends on the platforms.


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