Lupin The Third Part 6: What Do We Know?

We have some good news for the fans of Lupin The Third. Hence, we can see the fans are extremely happy that their favourite show is about to be released this year. The anime Lupin The Third was originally a Japanese manga comic series which was written Monkey Punch. The illustration was also done by him.


The manga started appearing in the Weekly Manga Action magazine created by Futubasha. The first manga comic series became extremely successful. Therefore, a bunch of spin-offs also made it to the market. The first part of the Lupin The Third went on for 23 episodes. Moreover, the episode has been directed by many greats such Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata.


Lupin The Third Part 6: Plot

The story of the show revolves around the character of Arsène Lupin III. The show tends to portray his shenanigans and the activities that surround his life. The character is shown as the world’s greatest thief. The art of thievery was something that used to run in his family.

He is shown as a person who is extremely confident about his skills in stealing. This is because he is shown sending a card to the owner of the object, which would depict the thing that he was going to steal. A friend of Arsène has also been shown in the anime. He is known as Daisuke Jigen, who is able to shoot down any target within a matter of seconds.

Lupin The Third Part 6: Release Date

Now, the producers of the show have not given an official release date for the anime. But, Lupin The Third will come out on October, 2021. Moreover, we do not know how many episodes will this season of the show will have.

Now, you can watch the show on platforms such as Netflix and Adult Swim.

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