Macross Delta: Zettai Live!!!! Anime Film to release in 2021

Macross Delta Zettai Live : The live-streamed AirWalkure live tour of this year which was presented by SANKYO with the theme Walkūre wa Akiramenai which roughly translates to Walkure never gives up in English declared on the Saturday that the upcoming Gekjiban Macross Delta Zettai Live which means Macross Delta the movie, absolute live!!!!! movie will release in next year that is 2021.


A visual of the main character in the film was also featured in the announcement. Hayate Immelman who is the fictional and favorite character and Walkūre idol group member Freyja Wion were shared. The motto or the catchphrase was also revealed which translates to sing is to live or in Japanese “Utau-koto wa ikiru-koto”.



The anime series which is going to be adapted into the film had a total of twenty six episodes. The preview of the web anime series was released five years ago in 2015. The show completed its run in 2018 that is two years ago.

Macross Delta Zettai Live
Macross Delta Zettai Live

The show was spread from the month of April to the month of September. The anime and manga series has been an inspiration for a lot of other media as well. For instance a video game with the same theme was introduced. A light novel series was also adapted from the same.


The announcement that the film will be released in 2021 was made in the last year that is in 2019. The film will be released in theatres, and will totally be worth waiting for. The scheduled date did act as a benefit as no one would have been able to go to theatres in this year due to the pandemic coronavirus situation.

The film would be a sequel to Zettai which translates to absolute in English. D go to theatres and watch this anime film, as it will surely entertain you.


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