Magical Girl Special Ops Asuka manga will start its “final battle” on October 24

Magical Girl Special Ops Asuka Manga

The action pack Manga magical girl finally announce that ops Asuka will finally begin with its final battle. The October issue of Square Enix’s Big Gangan magazine disclosed last Friday that Manga would start its final battle.


The script of the manga is written by Fukami. The art is given by Tokiya. The series was premiered in 2015, and it’s 13th compiled book volume is shipped by Square Enix last Friday. Magical girl is inspired by a television anime which was premiered in 2019 in January.


When is the final battle?

October 24, 2020, Magical Girl Special Ops Asuka will begin with its final battle in Square Enix’s Big Gangan magazine.

About Magical girl special ops

The synopsis that was given by seven seas entertainment:-

When the sudden appearance of undead creatures jeopardizes the Earth, a group of young women honored with powers from mysterious sources comes up to defeat them. Now, after three years of probable peace, the same evil creatures have come back. Five magical girls are once again conscripted to fight as the Magical Girl Special-Ops force, to defend humanity from an unholy avenger.

Magical Girl Special Ops Asuka

Where you can stream the show?

An anime was released last year and ended up getting a broader fan base and more popularity. All thanks to Crunchyroll and Funimation, which make this possible for making the Anime to everyone and can stream it easily. And because of the streaming Giants, the Manga can create a larger fan base that exists today.

The Manga is continuing right now, and it seems like it will be reached to the conclusion very soon. Show all the magical girl special Ops fan tie up yourself for the final battle. So on the 24th of October, you can see the final battle and 5 girls protecting mankind.

The cast of magical girl special ops

Here’s a list of the cast of Magical girl:-

  1. Asuka Otori. voiced by Trina Nishimura
  2. Kurumi Mugen. voiced by Sara Ragsdale
  3. Mia Cyrus. voiced by Emily Neves
  4. Tamara Volkova. voiced by Katelyn Barr
  5. Lau Peipei. voiced by Jill Harris
  6. Chevalier Francine voiced by Caitlin Glass
  7. Chisato Yonamine voiced by Ayana Taketatsu


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