Main Cast Of Soredake ga Neck TV Anime Revealed

Soredake ga Neck TV Anime

On 21st September, the official website of the original television series made an announcement revealing the main cast of Soredake ga Neck anime series. Most of the cast members are well trained of stage productions, which includes those based on games, manga and anime.


Official Synopsis of Soredake ga Neck TV Anime Series

The authentic anime theme is based on communication and will revolve around the employees of the supermarket store that one can find anywhere, along with the protagonist and all the mysteries involving many secrets. The main characters of the series are : Nekomaru, Tenchou, Adam and Muto.


Soredake ga Neck

Official Cast Of Soredake ga Neck TV Anime Series

Yūki Kimisawa as Muto, the inexplicable protagonist, whose face is always unrevealed.

Toshimasa Niiro as Tenchō Manager, the one who manages supermarket store Hot Hot Mart and is always seen wearing a mask.

Shingo Ogaya as Adam, a student studying in Japan and he also works at Hot Hot Mart.

Masaki Sawai as Nekomaru a random cat living at Hot Hot Mart.

Here, is the production team of Soredake ga Neck TV Anime Series.

Noboru Iguchi – Director of the anime in the AUNT Studios.

Kanenyon – Character designer is the series.

Saki Kuniyoshi – Script Writer and managing the other scripts for the series.

Uchikubigokumon Doukoukai Band – Theme players of the series.

Shinobu Uchida & Akira Funada – Working as project developers.

Masaya Kuramoto – Chief Producer of the series.

The Soredake ga Neck series is scheduled to be released on October 12, 2020 at 26:30 on TV Tokyo. An animated music video has been produced and published for the single ‘Sakugasaku’ by Wit Studio. Studio Aqua is collaborating with the production of the project.



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