Major 2nd season 2 anime casts Sayumi Watabe

Major 2nd season 2: It is a Japanese manga series. It is based on sports. Written and illustrated by Takuya Mutsuda. Its anime adaptation began in April 2018- September 2018 on NHK educational TV. The second season was premiered in April 2020 and is ongoing till now.


Major 2nd season 2 casts new characters

Major 2nds official twitter handles revealed on 3rd September 2020, i.e. Thursday that they will be casting Sayumi Watabe. She will play the role of Chisato Fuji’s older sister Chiyo Fuji. The debut will be premiered on 26th  September 2020 in the 19th episode.


Sayumi Watabe is very famous for her roles in many iconic movies and series. She started her career in 2015 in a blood blockade battlefront.

The series was paused for a while due to the pandemic. But it resumed with the 8th episode that was aired in July 2020. The company revealed in April after episode 4 that there will be going to be a delay.  After the series re-started the first few episodes got aired again.


  • Natsumi Fujiwaraas Daigo Shigeno.
  • Koutarou Nishiyamaas Hikaru Satou.
  • Shoutarou Morikubolike Gorou Honda.
  • Masakazu Moritaas Toshiya Satou.
  • Yuuko sasamotoas Kaoru Shimizu.
  • Kana Hanazawaas Mutsuko Sakura.
  • Kouki Miyataas Daisuke Komori.
  • Natsumi Takamorias Izumi Shigeno.

Synopsis of season 2

Natsumi Fujiwara who is playing the role of Daigo SHigeno is a student. He is the child of a professional baseball player, named Goro. Daigo is inspired by his father and begins playing baseball in the Mifune Dolphins youth league team.

After Daigo quit baseball in less than a year expecting to be the son of a professional, he welcomes an exchange student from America, Sato Hikaru, who turns out to be the son of the professional major league player and a close friend of Goro. , Sato Toshiya. The fate of these two together will make the series interesting.


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